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Of course, you love your dog and would do anything for him, but that dog breath is enough to make you keep a safe distance from your furry friend. Usually, the cause of bad breath in dogs is dental problems such as plaque and tartar, or decaying teeth. It can also be gum disease, and unfortunately for small breed lovers, some types of dogs, especially the small ones, are predisposed to collecting plaque and tartar. But beware, because chronic bad breath in dogs can be a warning to you that there is a bigger medical issue either in the dog’s mouth, respiratory system, internal organs, or the gastrointestinal tract. So what do you do to get rid of that horrible dog breath by using a home remedy?

The water bowl

The best place to begin is with your dog’s water bowl. If there is no water in the bowl, this could be your answer right here. The bacteria that is the direct cause of bad breath increases when there is no moisture in your dog’s bowl, so make sure you rinse the bowl well and give your dog fresh water three times a day or more. It could help, and don’t forget that staying hydrated is vital to your dog’s overall health.

Cut back on the meat

This could be another reason for dire doggy breath. Naturally, every dog needs red meat in its life, but just like humans, they need their vegetables too. Carrots especially help to clean your dog’s teeth and get rid of plaque. Read the ingredients of the dog food you’re giving your favorite canine because it needs to have both vegetables and rice.

Be generous with the bones

Since tartar clings to teeth and gums, bones and other chew toys can help to banish it, along with the unpleasant odors that it brings with it. Just be careful not to give your dog a bone, such as a chicken bone that will be dry and splinter easily, and keep an eye on the size of the bones, and when they get so small they become a choking hazard, take them away and give your dog another one.

Doggy toothbrush

You have your own toothbrush, right? Then why shouldn’t your dog? For your dog’s oral health a thorough brushing can do wonders. Unfortunately, furry paws just can’t do the job. You, as the owner, or parent if you prefer, have to do it. It might take a little getting used to on your dog’s part, but it’s worth going to the trouble of doing dog teeth cleaning. For difficult teeth cleaning days, put a little Biotene in his water. This will help battle plaque and bacteria when he’s not in the mood to brush.

An apple a day

You know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” right? Well slicing up one apple a day for your dog might just be the thing to cure his bad dog breath.

Real home remedies for bad dog breath

Your kitchen contains products for fighting bad dog breath. Ground up some Margosa leaves, dill, coriander, or peppermint leaves and sprinkle it on your pet’s food. This will act as a natural dose of Scope or Listerine.

So the above are some excellent home remedies that you can try to clear up your canine pal’s dog breath. With any luck one of these remedies should work, and if none help, then it’s time to see the vet.

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