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Teaching your dog the basics doesn’t need to be hard. Every dog learns at their own pace. If you and your dog haven’t mastered one of these commands, no worries. Grab a bag of treats and read this article. It will guide you through six basic dog training commands your dog should know.

1. Sit

This command is arguably the easiest to teach, and it’s best to start your dog’s training with this particular command. It will act as the foundation of your dog’s expectations when you’re communicating.

2. Stay

The “stay” command is a great asset, especially for dogs that live near busy roads or high-traffic crossroads. Seriously, this command literally saves dogs’ lives. It’s a great tool and your dog must know it.

3. Down

The “down” command relates to your dog resting with all four feet and a belly on the floor. A relaxed-looking dog is a non-threat to other people and pets. This is a great command for socialization. It’s the equivalent of “at ease soldier”.

4. Come

Many dog owners suggest the “come” command is the most important, and it just might be. It acts as a recall and for your dog, it acts as a reset button when tracking scents. When they here “come”, they should understand that they need to break away from the smell and reposition themselves closer to you.

5. Off

Most dogs love houseguests. Seeing someone new in the eyes of dogs is an exciting moment for them, and they can’t help but jump. It’s a harmless act, but not everyone is ok with being jumped on, like small children and people who are allergic. To keep your dog managed when this excitement occurs, you can use the “off” command to plant those paws squarely on the floor. Don’t confuse “off” with “down”.

6. Don’t touch

Most dogs are naturally curious and can’t help but touch everything with their nose and tongue. Use this command to prevent them from putting their nose and tongue on something.

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