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A Happy American Staffordshire Terrier Sitting Patiently.

About Amstaffs

The American Staffordshire is an energetic dog who loves to play and has a strong desire to please its owner. This makes them very affectionate towards people. They also love to work and will do anything to earn their owners’ trust and undying attention.

The Stafford coat sheds heavily twice per year as seasons are changing and sheds less the remainder of the year. To keep the coat shiny and to capture shedding fur, brush at least once per week.

Amstaffs typically cost upwards of $2,000 from breeders, and if you decide to adopt, expect to pay a few hundred dollars.

Yes, this breed is considered a “Pit Bull” breed.

American Staffordshire Terriers are wonderful companions for experienced owners. They have a loyal and loving nature. Commitment to their training is strongly encouraged.

Amstaffs live a full life at 12-16 years.

Family Dog

Amstaffs are wonderful family dogs and suitable for children as young as 6.

Highly Intelligent

This breed is highly trainable and bonds well with their owners.


These dogs are known for their affectionate and energetic style of play.

Several Stafford puppies looking at the camera.

American Staffordshire Terrier Breeders in the USA

Disclaimer: While our list is a great starting point, it should not serve as the only body of research you do when looking for an American Staffordshire Terrier breeder. Puppies become integral parts of our families very quickly, and it is important to them and to your family that they come from caring, certified breeders.

Pinnacle Valley Terriers


We are Staffordshire Bull Terrier & American Staffordshire Terrier breeders located outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Our dogs are companions and competitors fit for many lifestyles. All of our dogs are…

Michl R Kennel


I've been loving and breeding American Staffordshire Terriers since 1970 and many of my Amstaffs have become recognized and awarded all over the world. I am very proud of our…

LBK Amstaffs


I've been loving and breeding American Staffordshire Terriers since 1970 and many of my Amstaffs have become recognized and awarded all over the world. I am very proud of our…

Willynwood Kennel


Willynwood has been striving to produce the ultimate American Staffordshire Terrier since 1960. We have been fortunate to raise champions, including specialty winners. Every breeding we make aims to produce…

Angel Moon Kennels


Pamela Nemec and Chuck Nelson are both very active in the Dog Community with established reputations and experience to match. Chuck is a Judge for the American Kennel Club (AKC)…

Ambition American Staffordshire Terriers


Jennifer and Kevin have been loving and breeding AmStaffs for 20 years. Together they have been able to make the best decisions for the Ambition line. We are AKC Champion…

Ynez Amstaffs


Ynez Amstaffs is a small hobby kennel located in Atlanta, Georgia.  We love our dogs as members of the family.  We are committed to the betterment of the breed. When…

Cimar Kennels


We don't condone unethical breeding practices. The dogs come first and we are highly selective with our program. We avoid breeding dogs with cardiac defects and ataxia in our program.…

5 Facts About the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier was developed in the United States during the 19th century. It has been bred for its ability to guard property and livestock. This makes it a great family pet, but it also means that this breed is prone to aggression towards other dogs and people.

The American Staffordshire Bull terrier was originally bred as a working dog. These dogs were used to protect farms and homes from thieves. Today, they are still used as guard dogs. In the early 1900s, the American Kennel Club recognized the American Staffordshire Terrier as a distinct breed. However, the AKC did not recognize the American Staffordshire Terriers as being part of the Pit Bull Terrier group until the 1980s.

They are also known as “Staffordshire bull terriers” because they originated in England. This breed has been recognized by the AKC since 1920.

These dogs are very loyal and protective of their families. They are often used for guarding livestock and other animals.

They are also known as “the pit bull terriers” because of their short stature. This makes
them easy to handle and train.

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