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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

There are many things dogs do that we don’t understand. For example, eating feces, whether their own or another animal’s. From a human perspective, this sounds like a senseless, disgusting, and even possibly dangerous habit that doesn’t seem beneficial to…

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Do Dogs Get Cold?

Everyone knows when a dog gets too hot. Dogs pant, drink lots of water, and lie down on cold surfaces. However, most people don’t know when a dog gets too cold. A dog’s furry coat is an excellent insulator, but…

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Why do dogs dig? This dog is tunneling to escape.

Why Do Dogs Dig? Evolution at Work

There are many frustrating behaviors that dog owners experience and digging is a notable one. Many beautiful gardens have been sacrificed to the antics of a digging dog. If not understood, managing the behavior can be difficult and become a…

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