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10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Wolves

Wolves are magnificent, beautiful creatures, but they make very poor house pets. Still, that hasn't stopped many from trying to crossbreed wild wolves and domestic dog breeds to get an animal that looks like a wolf but acts like a…

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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? (Answered)

Dogs have a few distinct hairs sticking out from their muzzles popularly referred to as "whiskers". Dog whiskers, unlike human whiskers, have a functional purpose. So, why do dogs have whiskers and what are they? Dog whiskers are technically called vibrissae.…

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10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears

Our pet pups may be as cuddly as teddy bears, but dogs actually descend from ancient wolves. However, domestication and breeding make today’s dogs resemble other animals like foxes or bears. But what dog looks like a bear? Read on…

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The 10 Best Dogs for Apartments

Are you looking for a dog breed that is well-suited for apartment living? If you’re a dog lover, you probably understand that many types of dogs need wide open spaces, plenty of room, and a large backyard--none of which you…

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