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Adorable Goldendoodle puppy from dog breeders in Minnesota.

Any dog owner will tell you how exciting life is having their furry friends around. They’re fun to be around and will keep you active and healthy all day.

For such unique beings, it’s advisable to source them from reliable breeders. A reputable breeder offers a health guarantee, shows vaccination reports, and will only sell a puppy after attaining the appropriate age.

If you live in Minnesota and you’re looking for a dog breeder, then you’re in the right place.  Here are the 12 best dog breeders in Minnesota that you should consider.

1. MN English Golden

Located in Waconia, MN, this breeder deals primarily with English cream golden retrievers. With over three decades in business, MN English Golden is perhaps the best place to source dogs in Minnesota.

Each puppy you get from them is healthy and full of life. That’s one thing you can be sure of since all of them are vet examined and come with a vet health certificate.

Besides the certificate, they have a registration, up-to-date information on vaccines, and a health guarantee to ensure everything is in place for their wellbeing.

Their English cream golden retrievers have championship bloodlines. These dogs are intelligent, well-disciplined, loving, and very loyal. That’s because they’re raised inside their owner’s family home right from birth, where they receive 24/7 tender care and attention.

Since puppies sell fast, even before they’re born, you should reserve early for your perfect dog. Otherwise, you’ll miss out.

2. Hidden Valley Doodles

This excellent dog breeder is located in Millville, Minnesota. Anyone living in this city and needs a dog should start their search with Hidden Valley Doodles.

Although they also touch on other things, their main focus in breeding is health and temperament. This is to ensure you get not only a healthy dog but one with a great personality.

Hidden Valley Doodles have various doodle breeds, including:

  • Labradoodle
  • Aussiedoodle standard
  • Aussiedoodle miniature

These dogs are well-trained and exposed to different noises like fireworks and thunderstorms to ensure they don’t get scared.

Whether you’re looking for a family companion, a dog you can go hunting with, or one that will provide emotional support, this breeder has you covered.

After paying, you’ll receive your puppy at eight weeks with all the documents. These include AKC registration, vaccination, potty training, human interaction, and command training.

3. Christensen Goldendoodles

Christensen Goldendoodles is a perfect breeder of high-quality Goldendoodle dogs. They’re located near the North Dakota border in the Bread and Butter State.

Health is their topmost priority, but they also ensure the dogs are well cared for and loved.

The breeder ensures pups and moms receive 24/7 care, love, and attention. This way, they stay healthy and happy in their home.

Christensen Goldendoodles will stop at nothing to ensure the puppies get loving homes. That’s their primary goal. Once you adopt and take home your puppy, they still follow up to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

4. Golden Retriever Puppies

Located in Kimball this is another dog breeder you can always count on in your quest to find puppies for sale in Minnesota.

They’ve truly invested in their dogs. That is, certifying all their dogs’ hearts, elbows, and hips through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

If there’s one thing this breeder is keen on, it’s to provide their dogs with genetic and nutritional advantages. They do this through DNA to get rid of both PRA1 and PRA2.

Their breeds can well adapt to any activity, whether you need them for therapy or hunting purposes. Whatever your reason, you’ll surely enjoy having your dog around.

Health guarantee is what you’ll get from this breeder. In that sense, you’re sure that your puppy has received age-appropriate shots, wormings, and physical examination from the vet.

The puppies are usually ready for their new homes at eight weeks. By this time, they know how to use their potties.

Your golden retriever puppy comes with a blanket with their mother’s scent, toys, dog food, health records, and training tips. 

5. Prairie Peak Kennels

Prairie Peak Kennels work with medium-sized Maverick Brittanys breeds. If you’re looking for a trusted and loyal hunting companion, look no further than this breeder in Parkers Prairie, MN. Their dogs are well trained for all your hunting needs.

What makes them stand out is their ten-year free puppy replacement guarantee. Prairie Peak Kennels believe so much in nutrition and that dogs should only receive the best dog food.

This breeder also offers other services such as dog daycare and boarding.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your dog behind whenever you’re traveling or working. They will take good care of your dog and even send you pictures of what your dog has been up to.

6. Puppies and Kids

Looking for a mini-sized non-shed hypo-allergenic designer breed in Pine Island, Minnesota, and its environs? The Puppies and Kids breeder is the place to go.

They provide a social family environment for all the puppies right from birth, where they receive all the love, care, and attention they need. That’s enough to show you how easy it will be for the puppy you’re buying to blend into your family.

The puppies are safe around kids since they’re kid-tested first before you can take them home. The breeder offers a one-year health guarantee and expects you to continue with the vaccinations after adoption.

Your puppy comes with a copy document of their health guarantee, dog food, shot, and worming records from a trusted vet.

7. StoneRidge Doodles

This breeder is located in Hennepin County, where they breed different doodle breeds, including Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, BerneDoodles, and SheepaDoodles. Their doodles have excellent temperaments.

Adopting a puppy from this breeder is such an easy process. Leave them a message on their website with a description of the kind of puppy you’d like. They will do the rest, matching and putting them through the aptitude testing process until they find one that fits your family.

Upon completion of the adoption process, your puppy comes with the following, free of charge.

  • Health certificate from the breeder’s vet
  • Collars and toys
  • A blanket with their mother’s scent
  • Vaccines and deworming records
  • Puppy food

8. Willow Creek Kennels

Willow Creek Kennels is a dog training center located near Little Falls, Minnesota. They also double up as a breeder of German Shorthaired Pointers.

These breeds are well-trained to excel in waterfowl and upland hunting. You can tag them along when going for hunting adventures.

This breeder has significantly invested in facilities to ensure your dog receives the best under its care. Both the building and training facility get cooled during summer and heated in winter. They guarantee health, safety, and comfort for the breeding dogs as well as the training dogs.

If your family exhibits pack leadership, obedience, discipline and can guarantee plenty of exercises, then their German shorthaired pup will blend in well.

9. Whispering Pines Family Kennel LLC

This breeder is located in Milaca, Minnesota, and has been in operation for over 30 years.

Whispering Pines Family Kennel breeds Labrador Retrievers of various colors. You’ll find fox red, ivory, yellow, and black Labs.

The moms have a special birthing room where they stay with their puppies for two weeks before being transferred to a more spacious nursery. Both the mum and puppies are constantly checked during these two weeks to ensure everything is in place.

The breeder provides a social environment for the puppies right from birth until they’re adopted. Within this period, they get exposed to different noises and training to ensure they adapt well and fast into their forever homes.

The breeds have versatile personalities, but the breeder ensures you get the right puppy for your needs. All the puppies are AKC registered.

10. Archer Hill Farm

Located in the southern part of Minnesota, the Archer Hill Farm breeds various doodles, including Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Aussiedoodle.

All the puppies stay on the farm before going to their new homes when they clock eight weeks. The breeder ensures they receive care, love, and attention 24/7. They also ensure the puppies are well-socialized, so they don’t find it had to settle in their new homes.

Your puppy will come with a one-year hip and elbow warranty and a two-year health guarantee against genetic diseases. You’ll also see and get a copy of the puppy’s immunization and deworming records.

11. Sleepy Morning Goldens, LLC

Breeding only the most intelligent golden retriever dogs, this breeder focuses mainly on the dogs’ temperaments.

They carefully watch and take notes of their puppies right from birth to monitor their traits. The puppies must also take a temperament test to prepare them for the environment that will become their forever homes. Pups have to be socially ready before they’re sold.

The puppies are all free from health issues, just like the American Kennel Club advises. The hips and elbows are OFA certified, eyes get certified annually, hearts after one year, and they all undergo DNA testing to determine their genetics.

12. Samherz Shepherds LLC

If you need a shepherd breed, then don’t hesitate to contact Samhertz Shepherds. Located in Brainerd, MN, they’re the go-to place for German shepherds.

Their German shepherd puppies are health guaranteed, with stable temperaments and flawless beauty, whether you want solid black or black and red. 

Immediately after your reservation, the breeder will keep you active and involved in your puppy’s life. They do this by sending you pictures and videos until the day you take your German shepherd puppy home.

Your puppy comes with registration, a hip and elbow guarantee for 26months, vaccination and deworming records, and lifetime breeder support. They also get vet-checked before leaving the breeder’s home for their new homes.


This detailed guide will help you out as you search for dogs for sale in Minnesota. Ensure you continue providing your dog with the needed vaccinations and deworming needs for a long, healthy stay. Don’t hesitate to go back to your best breeder whenever you face challenges with your dog. Most of them will offer their help.

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