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Dogs are friendly companions but it’s best practice to control your dog by collar and leash. The dog collar and leash are great tools for dog owners. There are many varieties of dog leashes and dog collars available in the market. If you’re uncertain about which collar and leash are right for your dog, you may end up choosing a poor fit. The leash and collar go hand in hand for ensuring that your dog is comfortable and under your control in public settings.

Simple dog collar and leash

This is the basic version of the combination and thus serves only the basic purpose. The simple dog collar and leash combination offer dog owners a basic level of control. Keeping your dog close and in stride makes for safe walks. This is ideal for docile and obedient dogs who are highly unlikely to lose control on the road.

Slip collar

Not all dogs are docile and many can be temperamental. If your dog is likely to be unpredictable on your walks then it is advisable to use a gentle lead which can help to mitigate or correct bad behavior. This type of dog harness helps to quickly get your dog back into position if he gets carried away seeing a street dog or a sparrow.

Pack Leader Collar

Do you face trouble with your dog collar slipping off your dog’s melon? If so, the pack leader collar is what you should get since it helps to hold the collar right at the top of the neck. If your dog pulls you more than you pull him, then you should try the pack leader for more control. By fitting the dog harness at the right position, you can decide on how your dog needs to move.


The dog harness works best if the dog leads the way for you. This is commonly used for safety as well as dogs whose faces are pushed in often face breathing issues with collars.

Before you make the final choice it’s advisable to have a look at how your dog behaves on the street. It’s also good to consult your veterinarian before making the purchase. Be thoughtful with what kind of dog leash, dog collar or dog harness you purchase, and your dog will love you for it.

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