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Weimaraner sitting politely during dog obedience training.

What dog owner wouldn’t be proud of their disciplined dog? Reversely, who wouldn’t feel ashamed of their unruly dog? It is very important that you take time for dog obedience training. You can’t expect your dog to be obedient by nature. Hence, you have to endure the growing pains to make him understand and obey your commands.

Use positive reinforcement methods

Dog owners prefer positive reinforcement methods and techniques. Imparting negative reinforcement methods are deemed inappropriate and in many cases abusive. Take the time to plan out a reward system that engages your dog. Make sure it offers a healthy interaction that strengthens your bond.

Implement dog obedience training rewards

A reward system doesn’t benefit from punishment. Rather, it taps the psychology of the matter and endorses good behavior. Neglect bad behavior. Walk away from the dog after a display of bad behavior. As intelligent animals, dogs understand the difference between accepted and neglected behavior. They’ll pick up on your dissatisfaction and in time coincide.

Be consistent with the rules

It is important to know that the training must be consistent. Double standards easily confuse dogs. In addition, delivering mixed signals can frustrate a dog and invoke anxiety. If you want your dog to not jump on the bed, never let him onto the bed. Furthermore, ensure that your dog never reaches the bed.

In conclusion, dog obedience training starts with the fundamentals. Topics like sitting, walking, and listening to your commands are great jump-off points. Any dog owner can easily impart obedience training. You can find alternate means by getting your dog enrolled in obedience classes or by finding a good dog training professional. Evaluate all the training techniques, methods, equipment, and experience before making a final decision. But remember, the most ideal method is to be the instructor yourself. Most of all, your dog will love it as well.

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  1. Thank you for listing some great positive reinforcement methods that you can use when obedience training a dog. I’ve never even thought once about hurting my dog as a way to train him, but I wondered what I should do as a motivational way to get him to be obedient. I’ll keep these tips you gave in mind as I find a place I can take my dog for obedience training so he can be a great companion.

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