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Is your dog fat? Looking after your dog’s health is very important. You must regularly visit your veterinarian to ensure that your dog is at his best health. These visits are great for putting your dog on the scale. If your dog is obese it means that the health of your dog is at risk. Hence you, being the owner of your dog need to avoid this situation. Following are the five signs that should warn you of your dog being overweight:


1. Feeling Lazy

The first and foremost sign that your dog is overweight is that it will get lazy. They’ll will have trouble moving around. Dogs being naturally athletic creatures must have no difficulty in commuting from one place to another. If your dog cannot jump around and get up easily after lying down, then your dog might be putting on weight. This will surely indicate to you the fitness level of your dog.


2. Looking Chubby: Dog Fat

The most conclusive sign of an overweight dog is that it will look chubby. You or people around you can be the judge of that. If there’s little difference in girth from hips to ribs of your dog then it might be overweight.


3. Difficulty Breathing

Your dog may be overweight if it has difficulty breathing. Not only will your dog get tired quickly but it will also stop being active. You can be a judge of this on your morning walk or run. It will be clearly visible to you that if your dog is overweight, it will first slow down faster and then stop altogether. This is because it will run out of steam and start panting.


4. Loosing Shape

If your dog is losing its shape then it is time to hit the gym and start a diet. The most effective and easy method to check whether or not the dog is overweight is to feel its ribs. If you cannot do so without putting in a lot of effort, then there’s a problem. Exercise in the form of do-it-yourself dog training is always a great remedy.


5. Constipation

On the off chance that your dog is having issues pooping and is battling with constipation, it may be overweight. If your dog has started demanding more food and is indulging in lesser physical activities then it may be overweight. Eating lower quality food and in greater quantity means that the dog’s capacity to manage and purge itself is decreasing. This leads to liver issues, diabetes, and obesity.

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