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Child playing with shelter dog at the Franklin County Dog Shelter

The Franklin County Dog Shelter is on a mission to enforce dog laws in Franklin County. In addition, they strive to keep the public safe from animal-related safety or health hazards. This dog shelter responds to service requests and investigates complaints about dangerous and vicious dogs. Furthermore, they investigate dog bites, impound stray dogs, make court appearances, file criminal charges, and assist police in crimes involving dogs.

They provide compassionate care for impounded dogs at the shelter, and offer adoption and lost dog services to the public. Also, they educate the community and teach dog owners to be more responsible citizens.

1. Online Up to Date Listings

They have an online, up to date directory of available dogs. This is a great tool for checking the status of the dogs that are available for adoption. You can narrow down your search by personality, age, breed, and gender. In addition, you can simply view a list of all their dogs.

2. Reasonable Adoption Fees

Their adoption fee for dogs under 5 years old is $123. This includes a dog license, microchip, shots, and spay or neuter. Some of their dogs are discounted to $73 for all dogs 5 years or older. They waive adoption fees for their shelter favorites – these dogs have been at the shelter longer than most. In this case, their shelter favorites can be adopted for just the price of the dog license, which is $18.

3. Final Physical Exams

While you are buying a dog license and completing the paperwork, the dog you’re adopting will receive a final physical examination. All of their dogs have been spayed or neutered and given vaccinations. As a bonus, they give you a complimentary leash, collar, and information packet.

At the shelter, a veterinary technician will review your dog’s health record with you. They recommend that you take your new dog to your chosen veterinarian within 10 to 14 days after adoption. You should do this for a follow-up wellness examination, especially if your dog was recently spayed or neutered.

4. All Dogs are Microchipped

All Franklin County Dog Shelter dogs are microchipped to their adopter. Microchips are inserted under the dog’s skin so the dog can be easily identified if lost. A veterinarian or shelter can scan the chip to locate the dog’s ID number, which will display the owner’s contact information.

5. Community Pet Pantry

This hero of a shelter provides dog owner’s who are experiencing temporary financial hardship with dog food. They accept donations to their pantry and redistribute the food to dog owners in need. All dog owners with a legally licensed dog may register to receive free food. They do require that you show proof of your dog’s license when you register.

Final Thoughts

The Franklin County Dog Shelter is here to help all dogs who may have been abused or abandoned. They are experts in dog health and nutrition. If you’re in their area, either check out the available dogs online or visit the shelter in person. You just may find yourself a perfect new family member.

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