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Finding the right German Shepherd breeder can be tricky. Knowing what to look for is important. A good breeder can offer you proof of birth and comprehensive genetic history of your new puppy.

Most German Shepherd breeders are family-owned. So, the environment in which the dogs live varies from home to home.

These five German Shepherd breeders have the best Google reviews online.

1. Baumwolle German Shepherds


Baumwolle is a true, world-class purebred German Shepherd breeder in York, South Carolina. They have Schutzhund, IPO, and AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale. They carefully breed to get the most intelligent, versatile, and good-natured dogs possible.

2. Cook Farm


Cook Farm Kennels is a reputable German Shepherd breeder in Brown Summit, North Carolina. They specialize in European working lines. Many of their dogs end up in sporting homes or law enforcement, but they make excellent family companions too.

3. Ravenhill Kennels


Ravenhill Kennels is a dedicated German Shepherd breeder out of Bear Creek, North Carolina. They are proficient breeders. To expand their gene pool, they have received several imported lines from England and Australia. In addition to German Shepherds, they specialize in Jack Rusell Terriers as well.

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