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Two German Shepherds running.

Doing your research and finding a good breeder is the first step to finding your new furry family member. Finding a reputable, trustworthy breeder can sometimes prove difficult. In the end, taking the time to find a credible breeder can be the best move to help find your perfect puppy, that fits your personality and your family’s lifestyle.

Pine Hill German Shepherd Dogs

The puppies at Pine Hill come from many dogs who have produced multi AKC Best in Show and performance winners. With bloodlines of certified FEMA search and rescue dogs, therapy, seizure alert, and mobility assistance dogs, Pine Hill pups are ones of great pride. Like many reputable breeders, Pine Hill German Shepherd Dogs are health checked and things such as elbow, hips, cardiac, and Degenerative Myelopathy are also screened for. You can be sure that your puppy from Pine Hill will have been bred to the GSD standard to be correct in size, will have received all age-appropriate vaccines, and raised in a home with an emphasis on early socialization.

Watchman German Shepherds

Watchman’s puppies are born from many generations of carefully bred dogs with superior traits. Watchman German Shepherds makes sure that their puppies are bred to uphold the best attributes of the breed, such as temperament, intelligence, and sound health. All of their pups pass these traits on from generation to generation. Watchman German Shepherds is a serious breeder of world-class German Shepherds, and make sure that all of their dogs are negative for hip and elbow dysplasia. They also provide all of their pups with their first vet checks, first shots, and the first round of dewormer before going home to their new families.

Lindel Shepherds

At Lindel Shepherds, all of their dogs live in the home and are treated like cherished family members. Committed to the German Shepherd as the total dog, means that Lindel Shepherds are breeding for temperament, intelligence, and sound mind and body. They strive to breed and raise German Shepherds that are socialized, well mannered, and enjoyable to live with. Lindel Shepherds has successfully bred puppies that have become AKC Champions and Grand Champions, cadaver dogs, therapy dogs and search and rescue dog. All of Lindel Shepherds have a family-oriented temperament, are easily trained, healthy, intelligent, and have striking physical beauty with correct conformation, making them a fantastic representation of the breed. 

Vom Schaetzle Haus Long Coat German Shepherds

The dogs from Vom Schaetzle Haus Long Coat German Shepherds are all from European countries, with fantastic bloodlines. Their dogs are shown in AKC events, have Champion titles, and are bred for temperament. Vom Schaetzle Haus Long Coat German Shepherds is a small hobby breeder and believe in quality, not quantity, and breed with great attention to detail. Making sure that each of their Shepherds is of sound health, all of their dogs have had tests done for Degenerative Myelopathy, hips, and elbows. With a puppy from Vom Schaetzle Haus Long Coat German Shepherds, where all of their dogs are raised in their home, you can be sure that your new family member will be well socialized with a home setting from early on. 

 Arcturus German Shepherds

For 30 years, Arcturus German Shepherds has been breeding German Shepherds that are a mix of German and American bloodlines. Arcturus German Shepherds believes that a German/American cross creates the best of both worlds when it comes to temperament, health, intelligence, calm, and trainability. Never producing a puppy that will be at risk of Degenerative Myelopathy, and all of their breeding stock being OFA for their hips and elbows, you can be sure that your puppy from Arcturus German Shepherds has been bred for a healthy life. They adore the loving, intelligence, and honesty of the breed and strive to breed to keep every single one of the best qualities.

Whether you are looking for a new loving pet for your family or looking for your next show dog, do your research, first. Always be certain that the breeder you choose is focused on the best of the qualities of the breed, and is making sure they are being health tested and screened for genetic diseases. Doing your homework to find a great breeder, can ensure you find a great dog.

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