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German Shepherds make wonderful pets. Strong, loyal, and loving, these dogs steal our hearts and protect it at the same time. If you’re looking for a German Shepherd puppy, browse the list below and contact a few of these German Shepherd breeders in Texas. One of them just might have your match.

1. Von Der Otto German Shepherds


Von der Otto specializes in breeding high-quality German Shepherds from World Sieger German Bloodlines. This breeder is located in Rockwall, Texas. They are a family-owned business that offers a unique personal touch and they have several years of experience. Their dogs are known for being professional protectors of families.

This German Shepherd breeder has spent years studying the different bloodlines of German Shepherds. Working with police departments, they searched for the perfect German Shepherd to breed. Through those years they have experience with both the German and American bloodlines, but the German lineage is what they offer in their German Shepherd puppies.

2. Fleischerheim German Shepherds

Fleischerheim German Shepherds running with stick.


Fleischerheim German Shepherds is an experienced German Shepherd breeder in Savoy, Texas. It’s worth noting that the Fleischerheim team of breeders expands across the United States. They have been importing and developing World Class German Shepherd puppies for over 55 years.

This breeder utilizes World Renown Imports to provide fine Black and Red large-boned German Shepherds. Their dogs serve as faithful and loving companions.

3. Vollkommen Shepherds


Vollkommen Shepherds is a really great German Shepherd breeder in Amarillo, Texas. Since 1984, this couple-owned and operated breeder has been working with German Shepherds of high quality.

They believe that German Shepherds should be structurally correct and genetically free of faults while preserving the temperament and working drives.

4. Vom Nobleheim


Vom Nobleheim is a German Shepherd breeder in Nevada, Texas. They have exceptional German Shepherd puppies for sale. Internationally, they breed the finest German Shepherds with amazing temperaments. Suitable for work and show their German Shepherds are some of the world’s finest companions.

This German Shepherd breeder is dedicated. They say their job as breeders is to help people find the next member of their family. They’re happy to answer questions, so reach out with and you may have.

5. Nevada Haus


Nevada Haus is a German Shepherd breeder in Nevada, Texas. They specialize in West German Show Line German Shepherds. They have award-winning German Shepherds, both male and female. They adhere to the German SV Standard to produce strong, healthy, and intelligent German Shepherd puppies.

This breeder is located on over 10 acres where their dogs enjoy lots of outdoor play and activity. In addition to breeding, they offer dog training services like crate training and leash training. All of their pups go through their training regimen before they leave the facility.

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