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GS with a nice German Shepherd haircut.

When grooming a German Shepherd dog, it’s important to note that maintenance is required to keep them clean. Like most dogs who explore the outdoors, German Shepherds are notorious for getting dirty. Here are some tips to help you maintain the perfect German Shepherd haircut.

German Shepherd Haircut and Grooming Tips

1. German Shepherd dogs have a plush double coat. Daily brushing is essential for limiting loose hair and shedding. When grooming a German Shepherd use a de-shedder comb to help maintain your dog’s coat.

2. German Shepherd coats have lots of natural oils. If your German Shepherd has a healthy coat, then you really only need to bathe them once every 4-5 months. To maintain an ideal German Shepherd haircut, don’t bathe too frequently. Over-bathing strips the natural oils from the coat and leaves your German Shepherd’s skin dry.

3. German Shepherd dogs change their coats twice every year, once in the spring and once in the fall. It’s during these seasons that German Shepherds require additional brushing and maintenance.

4. The German Shepherd dog is an active breed and has shorter nails. However, once and while those nails do need to be cut. Be extra careful when trimming the nails of a German Shepherd. They have black nails which makes them difficult to see. Don’t cut the nails too short. If you find that your second-guessing yourself, take your dog to a local groomer or veterinarian for a professional trim.

5. German Shepherd dogs have deep ear canals. These canals require regular cleaning. When grooming a German Shepherd be sure to check the ears for wax and debris, in order to prevent infection. Read our essential guide to cleaning a dog’s ears.

6. German Shepherd dogs are stoic in nature. Your German Shepherd might experience pain in their paws and not let you know. If you suspect that your German Shepherd is experiencing discomfort, stay alert and check their paws regularly for scratches and bruises.

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