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Several golden retriever puppies eating from a big bowl.

Rainershine Goldens

Rainershine Goldens is a Golden Retriever breeder in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are a small hobby breeder offering American Kennel Club (AKC) Golden Retrievers. Their dogs are kept on a small farm in the country where they plenty of room to run, swim, and explore.

Walnut Grove Goldens

Walnut Grove Goldens is a Golden Retriever breeder in Lenox, Michigan. They produce high-quality Golden Retrievers for loving families. Established in 1990, they are located on 11 country acres so their dogs have a domain all their own.

This Golden breeder promises happy, healthy, and intelligent dogs that conform to AKC and UKC breeding standards. They produce a limited number of golden retriever puppies each season.

Genetic testing is done on their adult breeding dogs to curb the presence of hip dysplasia. In addition, they also test eyes, elbows, and hearts. Their dogs receive daily exercise and are fed a proper diet, which are crucial factors in preventing health problems. They feed their dogs large breed formula foods such as Purina One and Purina Pro Plan. Furthermore, their breeding dogs carry a certified DNA profile performed by the AKC.

All of their Golden Retriever puppies for sale are well socialized by the time they go to their new homes. Development exercises, brushing, care, and play assures good personalities in their puppies.

Sarabay Goldens

Sarabay Goldens is a Golden Retriever breeder located in Byron, Michigan. They have 25 years of breeding experience, and the owner is also the founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization entitled Dr. Paws Pet Therapy Dogs of Michigan.

This reputable Golden breeder strives for excellent temperaments in their dogs. In addition, they put an emphasis on breeding healthy golden retriever puppies.

Celtic Pride Goldens

Celtic Pride Goldens is an AKC certified Golden Retriever breeder in Roseville, Michigan. They specialize in producing healthy, gentle, loyal, and well behaved golden retriever puppies. Every puppy is raised in a socialized environment. They take car rides, swim, play, and live at the breeder’s home where they are part of the family. All of their dogs, both adults, and puppies, are in regular contact with people.

This Golden Retriever breeder’s goal is to raise confident puppies that adjust quickly to new environments, people, and places. In doing so, their dogs become well-rounded pets. They receive human contact daily and are accustomed to the commotions of everyday life.

Golden Sunrise Retrievers

Golden Sunrise Retrievers breeds golden retriever puppies and is located along the border of Michigan in Toledo, Ohio. Though they aren’t technically located in Michigan, they have solid backing and that’s why they made this list.

This Golden breeder raises happy and healthy Golden Retrievers. They put an emphasis on breeding for temperament and health. Their adult dogs have OFA Heart, Hip, Elbow, Thyroid, Patella, LCP, Dentition, and Eye clearances. Furthermore, they have DNA clearances for prcd-PRA, PRA1, PRA2, NCL, Ichthyosis, and Degenerative Myelopathy.

All of their golden retriever puppies are raised in the breeder’s home with regular exposure to children and other animals.

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