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Two Great Dane puppies playing.

Puppies are wonderful, but Great Dane puppies are truly something special. Before committing to a Great Dane breeder, take some time and review the options. Avoid puppy mills and do your research. To aid in your search, we’ve compiled a small list of Great Dane breeders that have healthy online reviews. Review these options and ask the breeders as many questions as you can.

1. Grant’s Gorgeous Great Dane Puppies

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Phone: (904) 990-3263 | Location: Street, MD

Founded in 2015, Grant’s Gorgeous Great Dane Puppies raises Great Danes with a champion lineage. They breed with temperament, color, and health at the core of their process. The genetic line of their pedigree has an outstanding 55 champions in the bloodline, making their dogs fit for show, yet perfect as pets.

This Great Dane breeder also offers customer whelping boxes, dog houses, crate assembly, and indoor/outdoor play creations for local clients.

2. Garner’s Great Danes

Garner’s Great Danes is a Great Dane breeder in North Carolina. Their Great Danes are health tested annually by their personal veterinarians.

3. Majestic Giants

Majestic Giants is a Great Dane breeder in Burlington, Kentucky with over twenty years of experience. They hand raise all of their puppies in the home. From birth, all of their puppies are well socialized and bred to the AKC standard.

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