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We all desire that amazing friend who would always be there no matter what; that is as loyal as the word. And in a dog, that’s what you have.

In that case, you also want to give your little furry friend the best, happiest moments just as they deserve. And one way to go is by buying dog toys.

But dog toys also serve a great purpose: they can help keep your friend happily engaged while you run to the grocery store or prepare dinner.

But what are the best toys to buy? How do you choose the right toy for your dog?

Consider Age

If yours is still a puppy, then you want to consider getting softer toys. Their teeth aren’t so tough yet, so if you offer them a try too hard, they’ll have to look elsewhere for something they can chew on, possibly your stuff.

Once they’ve reached the teething period, it’s time to switch to something stronger. Try more interactive dog toys. These will keep your pet busy and mentally stimulated. Once your pet has reached its older years, change back to softer toys they can chew.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is of utmost priority when choosing the right dog toy for your pet. As in the example below, toys too small for your dog’s current size are a risk as your pet may swallow them. But even if they’re the right size, you should also check for unsafe materials such as ribbons, strings, and anything that can be chewed. Dogs always want to chew, so try to be mindful of that when getting them a toy.

Dog Treat Toys are Great for Smart, Active Dogs

Dog treat toys are an excellent choice for any smart and active dog. The right size treat toy can keep your furry friend happily engaged for hours, especially when loaded with natural dog treats. These natural dog treats made of 100% animal parts can be a much better alternative to synthetic ones if you’re mindful of their health and overall well-being.

And you know why dog treat toys are so awesome? Your pet has to chew diligently to get to the treat. How rewarding! Smart dogs will go at it for hours, desperate to get the ultimate prize.


Whatever dog toy you choose should be appropriate for their current size. Avoid buying a dog toy and hoping they grow to meet it.

If you’re purchasing a ball, it should be one your pet can carry but not excessively small. Dogs hold things with their mouth, so relatively small toys may be swallowed. You don’t want to take such risks.

Avoid Rawhide Dog Toys

It would help if you refrained from purchasing any toy made of rawhide material. Rawhide softens when moist, and since your dog will chew it, the material will likely get stuck in its throat. It’s a no-no.

Go for Soft Toys for Calm Dogs

Soft, squeaky toys are best suited for dogs that are less active or wild. They derive so much fun in the sound and soft texture. But if your dog is a “ripper,” you should avoid squeaky toys since they would be inclined to rip the toy apart until they reach the source of the sound.

Knowing the right toy to get your dog can help you be the best thing in your life. Make your pet happy, and they’ll make you happy as well.

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