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Morkies require regular grooming. Every day, your Morkie should be brushed out, have the hair surrounding his eyes trimmed, and have his eyes cleaned. In addition, your dog should be bathed once per week. Start monthly groomer visits at 10-12 months, or around the time he receives his second set of vaccinations. Prepare your dog for treatments at the groomer’s so that he can eventually enjoy his Morkie haircuts. This article will guide you on how to groom a Morkie dog.

Start Morkie Grooming Early

Introduce your Morkie to grooming with gentle brushings. Use your hand or a soft puppy brush to get them acclimated to being groomed. Let them sit or stand while being brushed, and remember to praise him for good behavior.

Brush Your Morkie Daily

Morkies have long and soft coats that require daily grooming to avoid tangles. Brushing also removes dandruff, dead hair, and dirt from the coat. Furthermore, brushing distributes oils from the coat that makes it shiny. Gently brush your dog with a pin or slicker brush once per day. Only so often do Morkies shed, but they may lose a little hair during grooming. Brushing helps produce natural oils in the skin and stimulates new hair growth. Make sure to brush him on an easy to clean surface and take your time choosing the best brush for Morkie. Start brushing your Morkie’s hair in the direction that it grows naturally. Don’t brush your dog’s hair in the opposite direction.

Trimming Morkie Haircuts

The hair that grows above your Morkie’s eyes can irritate their eyes and cause tears. Aside from being uncomfortable, these tears can stain the hair. Using a small comb and small grooming scissors, gently trim the hair just enough in order to prevent irritation to the eyes. If your Morkie’s hair is matted or tangled and brushing isn’t doing the trick, carefully cut them out with your grooming scissors. If you’re looking for inspiration check out the Morkie haircut styles on our Top 10 Cutest Yorkies post.

Cleaning Morkie Eyes

When learning how to groom a Morkie, it’s important to learn proper eye cleaning as well. To prevent bacterial growth, tear staining, and make your Morkie dog more comfortable, clean his eyes daily. Clean tears away by gently running a soft cloth with warm water over his eyes. If additional tearing occurs over the course of the day repeat this process.

Cleaning Morkie Ears

To remove excess wax or moisture in your Morkie’s ears, run a cotton swab around the folds of his ears. Don’t insert the cotton swab into the ear canal. Carefully remove any knots or tangles around the ears with trimming shears. Make sure to leave this hair long to prevent debris buildup in the ears.

There you have it, simple! Grooming Morkie haircuts is just like grooming most small dogs. When learning how to groom a Morkie dog, you need to be gentle and patient. Remember to get your Morkie accustomed to regular grooming early in life.

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