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Pretty Pittie in one of the best pit bull rescues in the world.

Unfortunately, many locations around the United States have a severe animal control problem, especially with pit bulls. From backyard breeding to owner surrenders and strays, pit bulls make up approximately half of all the dog breeds in shelters today. Good Pit Bull rescues are needed now more than ever.

These misunderstood dogs have thousands of individuals across the country advocating on their behalf. With better education, proper owner handling, and obedience training, pit bulls can still be terrific family pets as they once were. Unfortunately, many preconceptions of pit bulls are exaggerated or completely false, hindering their chances of adoption in many shelters.

Finding Your Forever Friend Through a Pit Bull Rescue

When you make a move towards finding your next forever friend through a pit bull rescue, you are helping the hundreds of individuals who take in and look after these neglected, abused, or forgotten pets. In addition, rescue centers help keep pit bulls from euthanasia in shelters where they are punished mainly for their breed rather than their temperament or history.

The term Adopt Don’t Shop has become synonymous with many rescue centers. They want to help educate potential adopters that backyard breeding does not help minimize the overcrowding situation in many shelters. Additionally, adopting rescue animals rather than shopping for one from a breeder will cut down the number of animals, including pit bulls, that face euthanasia every day in the United States.

6 Really Good Pit Bull Rescues in the USA

We have found six really good pit bull rescues in the USA that are doing their part to help save this vulnerable breed from mass euthanasia and spending more time on the streets or in shelters.

The following list contains some of the top rescues, according to Google Reviews. Of course, this is not a complete list of animal rescue organizations that deal with this breed. Numerous other rescue centers do everything they can for all dogs, including pit bulls all across the United States.

While these six pit bull rescues are well-known for their work in their areas, it is up to you, as a responsible pet owner, to seek out all the information necessary when adopting an animal. Unfortunately, not each rescue will have a suitable pet, as they do their best to pair every animal with the best home possible regarding their demeanor and needs.

Accepting a rescue pit bull into your home is a big decision. But first, you want to do your research and find the best dog to suit your family and lifestyle, and these six rescue organizations can help you do just that.

Villalobos Rescue Center

The Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) does not turn away any dog, no matter what breed they are or their conditions.  Instead, they fight tirelessly to treat any medical conditions and reacclimate them to trusting humans. VRC works hard at finding homes for all of its rescues and believes every dog deserves a second chance at life.

Starting in the 1990s as a wolf-dog rescue, VRC is now one of the biggest canine rescue centers in the world. Watch their show Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet or read Tia Torres’ memoir, My Life Among the Underdogs. Statistically, they are one of the most extensive Pit Bull rescue facilities among all others worldwide. They have locations in Louisiana and Texas with a mission to rescue and the hope that one day they won’t have to any longer.

Midwest Animal ResQ

Beginning in 2009, Midwest Animal ResQ (MARQ) is a non-profit animal rescue center serving the greater Kansas City area. Their original focus was helping to save animals in local large breeding facilities living in inhumane conditions. However, MARQ has quickly grown beyond saving dogs to any animal that requires essential medical or behavioral attention.

Helping to find the ideal homes for their rescues and educating the families is one of the best ways to ensure that every animal goes to its perfect home. Each adult animal has a 2-week trial period to guarantee that both the animal and the family are happy with the placement. Midwest Animal ResQ has a 6-acre sanctuary, an adoption center, and a network of supportive foster homes for their animals while in care.

Fresno Bully Rescue

The Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR) is a bully breed-specific, no-kill, non-profit, volunteer-based rescue center in Fresno, California. Since opening in 2008, FBR has successfully rescued over 2,500 bully dogs from euthanasia. They provide endless aid for puppies and adult bully breeds, such as American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, and others who desperately need a second chance at a good life.

They not only provide rescue and adoption services for local residents, but FBR also is actively involved in the community with volunteer programs, educational and therapy services, and assistance for owners and stray surrenders. The additional services from the Fresno Bully Rescue help to advocate as a voice for the misunderstood bully breed and bring more awareness to the surrounding community.

Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue of MN

The Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue of MN (WWAR) has no shelter or adoption center, but instead, they are volunteer-based with all their animals in foster homes until they find suitable adoptions. As a result, they have numerous animals in care, including bully breeds in the Farmington, Minnesota area.

Wags & Whiskers Animal Rescue of MN offers an owner surrender program for anyone who can no longer provide a safe and loving home for their animal. WWAR relies on donations, adoption fees, and various fundraising events to cover the many costs of treating their animals and helping them find homes. With regular adoption days and events, they help to make a difference in their community.

Three Little Pitties Rescue

The Three Little Pitties Rescue (TLP) organization goes beyond the Texas borders to find suitable and loving homes for all its rescue animals. By helping stray dogs and cats on the streets of Texas and providing aid for overcrowding in the numerous shelters, TLP serves clients outside of the state, as far as Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

TLP centers its rescue efforts around education, spay and neuter programs, adoption, and transportation services for their animals. With massive overcrowding in Texas shelters and out-of-control populations of stray animals, Three Little Pitties transports these vulnerable rescues to out-of-state adoptable homes after they clear medical and behavior screenings in foster homes. Finding the best permanent, loving, and safe homes for their dogs and cats is their primary concern.

The Pit Bull Pen Rescue

The Pit Bull Pen Rescue (PBPR) serves southeastern Washington State with shelter facilities and loving foster homes for their rescue animals. Advocating for pit bulls, educating the public, and helping those at risk are the primary goals of PBPR. They are entirely non-profit and run with a volunteer group with a soft spot for these misunderstood dogs.

Not all of the dogs at the Pit Bull Pen Rescue are strays. Many will come from owner surrenders, overcrowded shelters, injured or sick animals, abused pets, and high-kill shelters. They depend on the generosity and care of their volunteers, foster homes, donations, and adoption fees to help cover the numerous medical, housing, and training costs associated with their dogs before placing them with approved homes.

Changing Lives, One Dog at a Time

Reputable rescue centers like the six that we found through Google Reviews work tirelessly to save pit bulls from a fate they do not deserve. With proper veterinarian care, a stable place to decompress, and re-acclimation to humans, these pit bulls can once again trust their owners and have a loving home to live out the rest of their days.

It takes one family to save the life of a dog who may not otherwise get a second chance. Rescues like these that ensure pit bulls are not forgotten or mistreated help bring awareness to a bigger problem and aim for a solution, one dog at a time.

In Conclusion

Pit bulls are some of the most misunderstood dogs in shelters around the United States. However, really good pit bull rescues like these have the tools and resources available to help save these animals from euthanasia or a life in a lonely shelter. Choosing to use a rescue organization when finding your next four-legged friend can be the most responsible thing you do for your pet.

Keep in mind that every shelter has an adoption process, and they can differ between organizations. Therefore, do your homework and find out precisely what each rescue will require before adopting a dog. These volunteers want to find the best home possible for their animals but need you to provide them with all your necessary information to help pair you with the perfect dog.

Bringing a pit bull into your home from a rescue organization makes a world of difference for that animal. And before you know it, you will not be able to imagine life without your new best friend.

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