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Red Golden Retriever resting along a fence.

Golden Retrievers are a definitive breed in the world of dogs. They are a classic choice for pet owners, and they make outstanding service dogs. You’ve likely noticed that some golden retrievers are not so golden. Their beautiful coats range from a light, almost white cream color, all the way to a red, mahogany color. Red golden retrievers are just as spirited as their golden-coated brothers and sisters. In fact, due to their breeding origins, many pet experts say that red golden retrievers are even more lively than other goldens. Let’s take a closer look at the red Golden Retriever.

What is a Red Golden Retriever?

A red Golden Retriever, in all actuality, is just a Golden Retriever with a red, copper-colored coat.

Red Golden Retrievers have an interesting history of genetics. In the 19th century, hunters in Scotland needed a retriever that was obedient, swift-footed, and loves water. In addition, these retrievers needed to tolerate cold weather.

Cross-breeding began by crossing a hunting retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel. The offspring were then crossed with Irish Setters. Generation to generation, this process developed the Golden Retriever that we know today. Red Golden Retrievers likely got their genetic-driven color from the Irish Setter side of their family tree.

Are Red Golden Retrievers Purebred Dogs?

The red Golden Retriever is a purebred dog. But interestingly enough, red-colored retrievers are not permitted in show rings due to extremely strict Kennel Club guidelines. These guidelines suggest that any purebred Golden Retriever that isn’t “golden” is not allowed to compete in competitions.

Do Red Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

The short answer is, absolutely. Red goldens have the same sweet, playful temperament as other goldens. Their thick double coat requires weekly brushing, and they need daily exercise to satisfy their activity quota. Red Golden Retrievers make great family pets and they get along with children wonderfully.

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