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Every pet owner is familiar with the term “shedding”. Though all dogs shed naturally, there are some breeds – like Yorkies and Shih Tzus – who shed minor amounts of dog hair.

The two best ways to prevent your home from becoming covered in dog hair, are to brush regularly and vacuum often. What about that stubborn dog hair that seems to cling to everything? Here are 10 tips for removing some of that dog hair from your life.

1. Frequently change your air filters

It’s recommended that pet-free homes should change air filters every 90 days. With the addition of one pet, this recommendation changes to every 60 days. For homes that have multiple pets, it’s recommended that air filters are changed every 20-45 days.

2. Opt for hard-surface floors

Carpets tend to lock air into their fibers and ultimately lead to frequent vacuuming. Hardwood floors on the other hand, allow dog fur to gather along baseboards and in corners. Hard surfaces make it easy to sweep up pet furballs with ease.

3. Purchase non-fabric furniture

Consider purchasing vinyl, leather, or faux leather for your home furnishings. Non-fabric surfaces are easy to brush, while fabric surfaces trap pet hair.

4. Cover fabric bedding

Protect your bedding with covers and blankets. If non-fabric surfaces aren’t your cup of tea, then bedding covers are a great alternative, since they are easy laundry items.

5. Leverage rubber squeegees

Rubber squeezes are solid tools for removing stubborn pet hair from your home. Drag the edge of the rubber blade against your soft surfaces and watch the hair ball for easy clean-up.

6. Wear rubber gloves

Rubber gloves contain clingy materials that remove dog hair with little effort. Simply run your hands over the surface you’re cleaning. Rubber gloves work beautifully for spot-cleaning on fabric surfaces.

7. Keep dry sponges close

It’s worth keeping a dry sponge in your home and your car. This technique receives mixed reviews so don’t be surprised if your dog’s hair is too heavy for sponge removal. Dry sponges are also ideal for spot-cleaning when you’re in a hurry.

8. Invest in dog hair rollers

Hair rollers are a very popular choice for dog owners. They quickly remove dog hair from clothing and are easy to clean since most hair rollers contain removable sticky tape.

9. Use sticky tape

Any type of tape will do! Whether it’s duct tape, packing tape or masking tape, simply wrap the tape around your hand and press away loose dog hair. Just like hair rollers, the tape is easy to dispose of. Many pet owners find that packing tape is a great alternative to hair rollers.

10. Static guard your clothes

Anti-static sprays that are used for clothing can also prevent dog hair build-up. Lightly spray clothing and furniture to cancel the electrical charge that holds dog hair to fabrics.

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