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Siberian huskies are a loyal, outgoing, and mischievous breed of dog.  These dogs were bred as working dogs to pull sleds long distances over frozen expanses with their pack mates. This breed needs a fenced-in yard with the ability to run and roam. They also need daily walks and exercise. Huskies are social dogs who need the companionship of other dogs, preferably other huskies.

The best breeders understand the needs of their huskies and provide an environment that fits these needs. They have large areas for their huskies to roam and socialize with other dogs. They are also concerned with their dog’s health and make sure that the dogs they offer are healthy and free of genetic defects. Most of all, they want to make sure your family can provide a husky with the love, environment, socialization, and exercise it needs to thrive.

So, when it comes down to how much do husky puppies cost with husky dog breeders, here’s what you need to know.

Official Standards for Siberian Huskies

When looking for a Siberian Husky, you should be aware of the American Kennel Club’s standards. Avoid choosing a dog from Siberian husky breeders that do not meet these AKC standards:

  • General appearance – medium-sized, quick and light on its feet, graceful, compact, erect ears, smooth gait, capable in harness, body proportions for speed and endurance
  • Weight – 45 to 60 pounds for males and 35 to 50 pounds for females
  • Eyes – almond-shaped in blue or brown or one of each
  • Head – in proportion to the body
  • Teeth – scissor bite when closed
  • Neck – erect and proud
  • Chest – deep and strong without being broad
  • Tail – fox-like without being tightly curled, curling to the side, or being highly-plumed
  • Paws – well-furred between pads and toes, tough and thickly-cushioned pads
  • Hindquarters – moderately spaced
  • Coat – well-furred, double, medium length, soft and dense undercoat, smooth-lying outer coat
  • Temperament – gentle, friendly, alert, outgoing, not a guard dog, not overly suspicious of strangers, not aggressive with other dogs, reserved, dignified, intelligent, tractable, eager

You’re looking for a dog that could endure miles of sledding on the frozen landscapes. Avoid dogs with excessive weight or one that is too light and fragile. Also, avoid one that seems clumsy. You’ll want to check that the paws aren’t large, awkward, small, or delicate. The toes shouldn’t be soft or splayed. A clumsy or heavy head is also a feature you should avoid.

1. BurnsBerg Kennels – East Tawas, MI

BurnsBerg Kennels is a high-quality facility where dogs can live their best life running free, enjoying the outdoors, and experiencing the love of a family environment. The owners of BurnsBerg are proud of their dogs’ strong genetics and have high breeding standards.


Huskies can run free on ten fenced acres or swim in a spring-fed pond. At night and during storms, they can shelter in a climate-controlled kennel.

Husky moms have a birthing unit inside the family’s home. Puppies move to an enclosed pavilion for play and exercise.


BurnsBerg breeds dogs with the best genetics for the healthiest huskies possible. Their dogs have thick and shiny coats. All dogs are DNA certified and meet AKC standards, and males are also OFA certified.

The kennel donates dogs to families who need a service dog and the Wounded Warrior Project. The kennel also sells many of their puppies to state police to be search and rescue dogs.

Health Guarantees

BurnsBerg offers a 3-year genetic health guarantee.

2. Bama Huskies – Blountsville, AL

Bama Huskies has over 22 years of experience raising huskies from champion bloodlines. They take pride in providing a clean environment, the best health care, and a nutritional diet for their dogs. Dogs are trained, groomed, and have active outdoor lives.


Dogs enjoy spacious, covered kennels, which are pressure washed every day. Husky moms give birth in an indoor, climate-controlled whelping center.

Puppies play in a climate-controlled kennel and later move to a puppy shed to explore and learn how to be part of a pack.

Huskies can play together on separate playgrounds, in a 2-acre yard, or pool.


Bama Huskies always scores 100% on AKC compliance inspections. One of the owners has a Veterinarian tech degree, so they have an onsite health care facility to test their dogs for worms, parasites, and other health issues. They even have an ultrasound to use during pregnancies.

Bama Huskies offers a kennel service for your husky when you need to go on vacation.

Health Guarantees

All puppies come with a health guarantee that covers genetic problems for up to one year.

3. Husky Palace – Anderson, SC & Sanford, NC

Husky Palace has been breeding dogs since 2005. They have two locations with two generations of dedicated family breeders. They stay current on breed issues to provide the healthiest and happiest dogs to loving homes.


Dogs and puppies live in a family environment and enjoy a grassy, outdoor, fenced-in play area. Husky Palace has one location in Anderson, SC, and another in Sanford, NC.


Husky Palace emphasizes beauty, health, and temperament in their dogs. Their dogs are all AKC registered, come with a prepaid internal microchip, and have free pet insurance.

Health Guarantees

Husky Palace offers a limited genetic health guarantee during the first year of the puppy’s life. Depending on the circumstances and time frame of diagnosis, the company offers to pay veterinarian fees or to replace the dog.

4. Skyler’s Siberians – Olympia, WA

Skyler’s Siberians treat their dogs like family. They feed them only the best non-grain kibble, usually mixed in with roast chicken from their family kitchen. Dogs get lots of dog socialization and human socialization with the family’s teenage boys and their friends.


The dogs enjoy 2.5 acres of green grass. Litters are raised indoors in the family’s dining room.


Puppies are wormed, vaccinated, and have AKC limited registration. Each puppy comes with food, a collar, and a toy. A blanket with its mother’s smell helps the pup transition to your home. Each dog also has its own “puppy folder” with vaccine documents and a scrapbook with pictures of the puppies and parents.

Health Guarantees

All dogs come with a 2-year health guarantee.

5. Aruff Siberian Huskies – Akeley, MN

Aruff Siberian Huskies has been breeding quality AKC Siberian huskies since 1992. Their dogs all have superior health and come from champion bloodlines. Their passion is to provide your family with a quality canine companion that gets along with kids, cats, and other dogs.


Their facility is on 40 acres in the Minnesota north woods. Dogs have plenty of trails to explore and practice their snow-sledding skills.


All parents and litters are AKC registered. Puppies all come with:

  • puppy manual
  • microchip and tag
  • 30 days of AKC pet insurance
  • complimentary vet visit
  • care and training DVD
  • AKC family dog magazine subscription
  • access to a training helpline
  • lifetime support
  • health records and certificates
  • pedigree
  • blanket with mother’s smell
  • collar and lead
  • toy
  • vitamins and food

Health Guarantees

Aruff is the only breeder on our list that guarantees their puppies for life against hereditary and congenital defects. They also have a lifetime temperament guarantee.

6. Loyal Siberian Husky – Hamer, SC

The expert breeders at Loyal Siberian Husky have been raising purebred huskies since 1992.  All staff members have a passion for caring for their high-quality dogs. They feel that every dog is a gift of love and a lifetime commitment. They make sure their facility and dogs meet the highest breeding standards.


Dogs here have 67 acres to enjoy in exploration and play.


Loyal Siberian Huskies provide award-winning services. They guarantee their dogs will add happiness and excitement to your family.  They also offer free consultations on all their puppy sales. All puppies are purebred and registered with the AKC.

Health Guarantees

Dogs come with a 5-year guarantee to be free of genetic diseases. Buyers can choose a replacement dog, but vet expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.

7. Nando Siberian Huskies – Uxbridge, MA

Nando Siberian Huskies prides itself on being the best Siberian husky breeder in the area. Their dogs are all award winners with impressive pedigrees. This breeder sells puppies, but they also offer breeding opportunities between one of their dogs and your approved dog.


Dogs can enjoy an outdoor, fenced kennel. They have plenty of places to play and shelter from the elements.


This breeder also offers boarding, grooming, and doggy daycare.

Health Guarantees

The company does not list health guarantees on its website.

Closing Thoughts About the 7 Best Siberian Husky Breeders in the USA

You’ll always want to be careful when you see a breeder advertising siberian huskies for sale. It’s crucial to find a breeder that is not a puppy mill. Quality breeders genuinely care for their dogs and want them to have the best lives. One problem with purebred dogs is that they often have genetic defects. So be wary of breeders who don’t offer significant health guarantees.

Siberian Husky breeders usually have a waiting list for their pups, so you probably won’t find dogs immediately available on their sites. Do your research, develop a relationship with a good breeder, and await the joy of a new Siberian Husky in your life.

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