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Siberian Husky puppy running and playing.

With their stunning blue eyes, beautiful coats, and playful nature, Siberian Huskies inspire thoughtful names for themselves. Furthermore, Husky names are often some of the best you’ll hear. Whether you’re looking for Alaskan sled dog names or popular Russian dog names, we have it on this list. We’ve included male Husky names and female Husky names alike.

Before we get started we should look at the ground rules for naming a dog. Try to avoid names that sound like one of your verbal commands. For example, it could be difficult to teach “Shae” to “Stay”. Be sure to choose a name you like. Something that rolls off the tongue and can be spoken confidently in public. One or two syllables are the best. Take the name for a test drive. If your dog isn’t responding to the name you chose, it may be best to try a different name.

Alaskan Dog Names for Huskies

We’ll start with Husky names that were inspired by Alaskan culture. Since Huskies have been pulling sleds in Alaska since the early 1900s, some of the best Huskie names around hail from this beautiful region. Consider one of these Alaskan dog names for cold-weather dogs.

  • Alpine – Tall mountains
  • Aurora – Aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights
  • Frosty – Childhood character name
  • Glacier – Glacier formations
  • Juno/Juneau – Capital of Alaska
  • Polar – The northern orientation of Alaska
  • Snow – Alaska’s weather patterns
  • Terra – Latin for earth
  • Timber – Alaskan land
  • Tundra – Terrain in northern Alaska
  • Winter – Longest season in Alaska
  • Yukon – Canadian province that rests east of Alaska

Sled Dog Husky Names

When people think of Siberian Huskies, they often picture sled dogs. This association has inspired many timeless Husky dog names. The breed is comprised of natural athletes capable of navigating harsh terrain. Here are some great sled dog names for Huskies.

  • Atlas – A book of maps or charts
  • Balto – A famous sled dog known for leading a heroic medicine delivery mission to the town of Nome
  • Bear – Capable of bearing the weight of the pack
  • Blaze – The first to do something; pioneer
  • Blitz – To move with haste
  • Buck – The sled dog at the center of the famous novel, “The Call of the Wild”
  • Comet – A celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice
  • Racer – An animal bred or designed especially for racing
  • Scout – A resourceful leader sent out to gather information
  • Togo – Another sled dog that accompanied Balto on their heroic medicine delivery mission to Nome

Native Language Husky Names

Spoken in a different language, some of the best Husky names are derived from native terminology. These names tend to reflect the things that Alaska natives see every day. Consider these really good Husky names based on the languages of Alaska natives.

  • Akira – Intelligent
  • Desna – Boss
  • Miska – Little bear
  • Nanuk – Polar bear
  • Qana – Falling snow
  • Sesi – Snow
  • Suka – Fast

Russian Dog Names for Huskies

Siberian Huskies originated in Siberia, which is part of current-day Russia. Many Russian names have become staples for this historic breed. Intertwined with Russian culture, Huskies are often named after powerful Russian figures of history. Perhaps you’d prefer one of these bold, popular Russian dog names.

  • Anastasia – Female Russian dancer
  • Bella – A beautiful dancer
  • Ivan – After Ivan the Great
  • Nika/Niko – People of victory
  • Rodion – Song of the hero
  • Stella – Star
  • Viktor/Viktoria – Victory
  • Xena – A powerful female Husky name
  • Zhanna – Gracious and majesty

Husky Names with Blue Eyes

Huskies are known for there vibrant eye color. This beautiful feature is the spark of many good Husky names. If your Husky pup has blue eyes, maybe try out one of these names.

  • Aurora – Northern lights
  • Blue – Classic blue eyes
  • Electra – Stunning electric blue
  • Sky – Skies of blue
  • Storm – Eye of the storm

Hopefully, this list helped you narrow down your Siberian Husky name search. If not, be patient with the process, and be sure to pick a name that works for you and your dog. If you still can’t find the perfect name for your Husky, check out the American Kennel Club’s dog naming tool.

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