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10 Sick Dog Symptoms To Watch Out For

Dogs are just like infants when they feel unwell. They are incapable of telling you what exactly is wrong with them. It’s important to know what dog symptoms you need to watch out for. This is true regardless of whether a sick dog needs medical attention or not. Dogs can’t communicate to their owners that they are unwell. However, it is important to understand that signs of illnesses may vary from one type of dog to another. Certain symptoms like dog vomiting and dog coughing may be common to all but others may vary.

Top ten dog symptoms:

  1. If your dog starts being smelly you should check if it is suffering from excessive bad breath or drooling.
  2. If your dog has started demanding for water more frequently or acts like it is thirsty very often it is a symptom to watch out for. In this case, it will be advisable to keep track of the urine output.
  3. If your pet has exhibited a sudden loss of appetite or is demanding more food check if it losing or gaining weight abnormally. This could mean that there is trouble brewing.
  4. If a dog that is usually active has suddenly become extremely lethargic or if there is dog vomiting frequently then there is a cause for concern.
  5. Often dogs find it difficult to run or climb stairs and may act like their limbs are stiff. There may or may not be accompanying symptoms like dog coughing or dog vomiting.
  6. You need to pay attention if you feel that your dog is taking frequent naps and is acting like it is tired. Related behavior and changes in attitude towards physical activity can also arise.
  7. Dog Coughing, frequent sneezing, difficulty in breathing which is indicated by panting or breathlessness are dog symptoms to watch out for.
  8. Smaller dogs often suffer from skin issues. So if you feel that your dog’s skin texture is changing you need to be on the alert. In the case of such dog symptoms, it is advisable to check for sores or lumps on its body.
  9. If your dog has frequent tummy upsets, regular episodes of dog vomiting or lack of appetite it may indicate a tummy infection.
  10. If your dog’s eyes seem reddish, discolored or pale you need to be on alert.

The presence of one or more of the above dog symptoms is indicative that something could be wrong. There is no need for panic, but it is advisable to consult a doctor if the symptoms last.

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