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Handsome Border Collie wearing his SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence.

Whenever you have a dog, one of your biggest fears is having them run away. What happens when your dog gets out from the fence, slips off the leash, or chases after a squirrel straight out of your yard? The thought of this happening can send dog owners into a complete panic, but what if you never had to worry about losing your dog again?

The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence is the solution to letting your dog roam off-leash while still giving you perfect peace of mind at all times. We’re going to take a look and see why this virtual fence should be the first thing you buy to keep your dog safe.

The Main Benefit of the SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

You might already have a physical fence around your backyard and property that can keep your dog safe. But it’s sometimes easy to be forgetful, especially after you’ve had your dog for a long time. Sometimes the gate can be left open, and your dog can shoot out. If he isn’t able to return home on his own, then you’ve lost your dog.

However, the SpotOn Virtual Fence is entirely virtual. It doesn’t have any blind spots, and you won’t ever have to worry about leaving a gate open. Plus, SpotOn has nothing to install. No programs, physical barriers, or additional software. It’s completely foolproof and reliable, so you’ll have 100% peace of mind.

How It Works

In order to activate the virtual fence, you need to walk around the area where you want the fence to be. If you want your dog to only roam in your backyard, then simply walk around your backyard with the SpotOn Dog Collar working and turned on. After you lap the perimeter, the virtual fence will be programmed inside the collar.

Turn the fence on, and there’s an invisible barrier around your backyard. If your dog goes too close to the boundary you’ve set, the collar lets out a quick beep which can discourage your dog from going any further. If they get even closer, a second louder beep will go off. The loud noises are typically enough to scare most dogs off.

If your dog isn’t bothered by noises then a painless static shock will be emitted from the collar, which will undoubtedly turn your dog away. The static shock is an entirely optional feature. With a little extra training, you can teach your dog to recognize the signals of the beeps, so the static shock option isn’t necessary.

Optional Fences and Cool Features

If you take your dog to several different places, such as the park and to a friend’s house, you can set up virtual fences for those places, too. The process is exactly the same, just walk around with the collar to set up the boundary, and then place the collar on your dog.

The SpotOn Dog Collar can save up to ten different fences, so you can have peace of mind wherever you go. You can put up a circular fence with the press of a button!

The iPhone App

SpotOn comes with an iPhone app that can become your best friend in times of crisis. If your dog has somehow managed to escape the fenced-in area, or if you’ve lost your dog in an area you haven’t fenced in, the app can help.

For a small monthly charge (after a 60-day free trial), you can track your dog if they run away. The app sends you a text if your dog breaks out of the area you’ve set, and you can easily track your dog’s movements. Unlike other iPhone apps and trackers, this one has a number of benefits that send it soaring above the competition. Here are a few things we love:

  • Updates every six seconds – showing you where your dog is (not where it’s been)
  • Works across all cell signals, and even without one
  • The collar acts as a GPS to lead you straight to your dog

Unlike other apps that can be slow to work or require a cell signal to function, the SpotOn Dog Collar is completely self-contained and able to be used no matter the situation. It connects to three different satellite networks to always give you accurate and real-time information on where your dog is.

You’ll have all the information that you need to find your missing dog right in the palm of your hand.

The Collar Itself

The collar is entirely self-contained, and everything you need is inside it: no extra wires, physical parts, or virtual software to install. The collar is completely rechargeable and contains enough power for a twenty-four-hour charge. If someone finds your lost dog before you do, the collar displays the dog’s name and your phone number.

It’s also completely waterproof, so if your dog likes to swim in the water, this is the perfect collar for him! 

The owners responsible for creating the SpotOn Collar originally made night vision goggles for the United States military. Due to their past experience and motivation, you can rest assured that this technology is built with durability and precision. Aside from that, it is built and manufactured in the USA!

Since the collar is self-contained, there’s nothing stopping it from being portable. You can take it to the park, to Grandma’s house, or even to a new home if you move. Just set up a new fence, and you are good to go!

The Perfect Virtual Fence For Safety

With the SpotOn Virtual Collar and Fence, you won’t have to worry about whether you closed the gate, or constantly be watching your dog like a hawk in an unfenced yard. The SpotOn Virtual Wireless Dog Fence is the only thing you’ll need to make sure your dog stays where he needs to be.

It doesn’t matter where you go; you’ll be able to create and save fences and have 24/7 eyes on your dog through the app. The high-quality collar will help you and your furry friend stay together forever, and you can be confident that the collar is built to last.

Get your dog outfitted with SpotOn today, set up your first virtual fence, and then give your dog room to run and play without fear! 

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