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It’s devastating enough to lose a dog but even worse if you believe your dog was stolen. So many unanswered questions arise – Is my dog being cared for? How do I get him back? How could someone do such a thing? If you find yourself saying, someone stole my dog what can I do to get him back, you need to act immediately to retrieve your stolen dog. Here are some methods to recover your dog, and a few preventative measures as well:


To Recover a Stolen Dog:

1. First things first, call the police and file a report. This will make it much easier to get your dog back if you happen to get word of his or her whereabouts.

2. Give the details of the theft to the HomeAgain lost pet recovery service. People in the area will receive an alert and they may be able to give clues on your dog’s location.

3. Contact all veterinary offices, grooming salons, and shelters in your area and surrounding areas. The dog thief might regret the decision and may dump him or her off at a veterinarian’s office or grooming salon.

4. Post flyers in the area offering a reward for information leading to a safe recovery. However, do not make any indications that you believe your dog was stolen. The dog thief may want to return her, but probably won’t if they suspect prosecution will follow. In addition, someone may find your dog but doesn’t get involved because there are indications that the rescuer is the thief. Don’t use words like “no questions asked”. Lastly, don’t specify an amount for the reward.

5. Compose a letter or email to the local newspapers in your area and let them know that you have a stolen dog situation. Include details and a photo of your dog. Offer any insightful information about your dog, especially information that gets to people’s hearts. For example, if your pet is a therapy dog, rescue dog, or the best friend of an ill child, reporters will adhere to this story. If other stolen dog reports have been filed, then perhaps a crime wave has hit the town, and that’s surely a story for the paper.

6. It can’t hurt to call your local radio stations and tell them your stolen dog story. You just may come across a DJ who will broadcast the message.

7. If you see your dog with someone else, approach them and ask about the dog in a neutral way. However, do this only if you feel safe. If you don’t feel safe, call the police immediately and be ready with your case number. Follow the person from a distance if you can. If you spot your dog in someone else’s yard, call the police immediately. Don’t recover your dog by yourself. Attempting to recover your stolen dog from someone else’s yard may result in a trespassing charge. Stay calm and don’t get yourself into a situation that escalates quickly.

8. Beware of scams. If you receive a call from an adjacent town or state asking for money to return your stolen dog, there’s a good chance it’s a scam. Bad eggs frequently target vulnerable dog owners through flyers and ads.

9. Don’t leave your dog unattended in public settings, including your car and outside of stores. Furthermore, be mindful of your yard and its easy-access points for potential thieves.

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