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One of the most basic dog commands is the Sit command. Teaching a dog to sit and stay is essential for keeping your dog in one place, and away from potential harm. It’s a great tool for dog owners, and we hope this guide will show you how to teach a dog to sit.


How to teach a dog to sit:

1. Show your dog a bite-sized treat, slightly above his head and in front of his eyes.
2. Extend your hand, with the treat inside, and say the word “Sit”. Do this about 2-3 inches above your dog’s head.

Your dog should naturally sit when he looks up at the treat. Placing your hand in the right position is important. If your hand is too low, your dog won’t sit; if it’s too high, your dog will jump.

3. After you get your dog to sit, reinforce his good behavior with the treat. Don’t forget to tell your dog what a good pup he is.

Give positive reinforcement without making physical contact with your dog. Your dog might release from the position if you pet him while you praise him. If your dog isn’t responding to your first command, you’ll need to repeat the “Sit” command and physically place him into the position. To do this, place your left hand behind the knees and under the tail, and your right hand on the chest. Count to five and then give your dog the treat.

4. Practice placing your dog into the sit position five times a day for five days.

Some dogs learn this concept quickly. In some case, they will sit whenever they want a treat.


How to teach a dog to stay:

1. Place the bite-sized treat in your right hand and keep it at your side.
2. Depending on your dog’s size, with your left hand place 1-2 fingers on the collar with your palm facing up. Do this at the top of your dog’s collar and tell him to sit.

If your dog sits, reward him with the treat and praise his behavior while removing your left hand from the collar. If your dog does not sit, gently pull up on the collar until he sits, and then present the treat with praise.

3. Keep practicing until he sits on command, without you touching the collar.
4. While keeping him in position for five seconds, give your dog a treat for every command followed.


When your dog picks up on the teachings and understand the “Sit” command, reward his efforts every other time. Then, start to reward your dog randomly – every so often. These random rewards are the most powerful, because they stimulate hope.

Now that you know how to teach a dog to sit and stay, practice regularly and don’t forget to offer random rewards for correct responses.¬†Following this method consistently can change your dog’s greeting habits and overall behavior when among house guests.

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