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Why is my dog eating grass? There have probably been many occasions when you’ve seen dogs eat grass, and you can’t help but wonder why they even do it.

Dogs, by nature, are carnivores, although these creatures eat grass every now and then. Is it because they are hungry? Do grasses have substances that cannot be found in manufactured dog foods? Has your dog finally decided that it is time for your lawnmower to retire for good?

A possible explanation for grass eating

Grass eating is a natural behavior among canines although some owners cannot help but be amazed because there are also dogs that don’t exhibit such behavior. Foxes and wolves, the progenitors of domesticated dogs of modern-day, consume all prey including plants and grass. There is a scarcity of food in the wild, so it is understandable why dogs eat all-natural prey. Dogs naturally eat plants and grass from an evolutionary standpoint. This is a possible reason why dogs eat grass because it has already become a part of their diet.

Why do modern-day dogs eat grass?

There is still no concrete and definitive reason why dogs of modern-day still eat grass. Both sick and healthy dogs munch on blades of grass. Even though it was assumed that since there is no longer a need for domesticated dogs to hunt for survival, their diet has become nutrient deficit. A dog eating grass would probably want to fill up this deficiency in nutrients. It could also be the reason why some owners who live in the city give grass supplements to their pets. When you let your pet out to do its business in the yard, he could take this chance to munch on grass. For dogs, your lawn is one big salad.

You also have to remember that dogs eat pretty much everything and anything. They consider animal poop, unearthed dead animals, and spoiled foods in garbage cans as yummy delicacies. This is why it is not a surprise that they experience upset stomachs every now and then. Dogs can also eat grass to induce vomiting and rid themselves of substances that don’t agree with their digestive system.

Should it be a cause of concern?

There is really no need for owners to be too concerned when they see their dogs eating grass. After all, this is so much better than eating poop, right? But, it is a must for them to ensure that the grass their dogs ingest is free from any toxic chemicals which could be dangerous to pets. Never let your dog chomp on a lawn recently sprayed with herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. In addition, your dog might also eat some types of mushroom which can be poisonous so always be extra mindful every time you see him busy chewing on something in the yard.

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